Transforming the way researchers collabo​rate

GÉANT3 (GN3 Archive Project) is the pan-European data network dedicated to the research and education community. ​​
Together with Europe's national research networks, GÉANT connects 40 million users in over 8,000 institutions across 40 countries.

GÉANT in Focus

GÉ​ANT enables the global research village through extensiv​e links to research networks around the world. Click the links below to learn ​more: 
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GÉANT Research

First GÉANT Open Call Announced
User and Case studies
GÉANT and CAREN tracking Kyrgyzstan’s melting glaciers​
Collaboration to monitor climate change and provide early flood warning.
GÉANT and CAREN: delivering a brighter future for Turkmenistan
High-speed networks underpin solar technology collaboration between Central Asia and Europe​
GÉANT and ORIENTplus – understanding cosmic showers
Helping European and Chinese scientists study one of the most puzzling phenomena known to science.
GÉANT and EMSA - Protecting Europe’s seas from pollution
Transmitting satellite data in real-time to detect and monitor maritime oil spills
GÉANT and outGRID - creating a global platform to combat Alzheimer’s
Combining complementary research infrastructures in Europe, Canada and the US through high speed research networks to enable closer collaboration​​​​
​​News & Media
8 March | 2013
GÉANT picks up 1st prize for ‘Driving technology across the digital divide’
GÉANT has re​ceived first prize in the Excellent​ Science category for its entry ‘Driving technology across the digital divide’.
7 March | 2013
GÉANT and EGI formalise collaboration
Agreement will strengthen service offering to global research community
6 March | 2013
DANTE pushing towards world’s first 100G transatlantic network for research and education
Call for collaborative partners in ground-breaking​ transatlantic trials
6 March | 2013
GEANT and TERENA release the final ASPIRE foresight study 
A Study on the Prospects of the Internet for Research and Education 2014-2020
5 March | 2013
DANTE wins Best Technology Innovation Award for GÉANT network
Innovative project awarded accolade in the Computer Weekly European User Awards for Networking.
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