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Will I become a full partner of the project?

Beneficiaries may join the project either as Partners or as Third Parties to existing GN3plus consortium members depending on their legal status vis-à-vis EC rules.
When will I hear if my proposal is successful?
The consensus evaluation report will be sent to all proposers in mid-July. For more information on timelines please check the Guide for Applicants.
How do you select the proposals?
Please see section 5 of the Guide for Applicants.
How do I submit a proposal?
All details related to submitting a proposal for evaluation can be found in the Guide for Applicants.
Can more than one institution jointly hand in a proposal (consortium proposal)?
Yes. Note however that the funding limit is set for each topic, not per partner and that due to the project size it is expected that any consortium will be small.
If I submit a consortium proposal which includes both industry and academic partners, what percentage of the funding needs to be contributed by the each partner?
Please consult Section 3 ‘Funding for Participation’ in the Guide for Applicants for details and subsequently visit
Are there geographical restrictions on applications?

Yes some geographical restrictions apply. These follow the FP7 funding guidelines. Please consult section 3 of the Guide for Applicants.
How much funding can I apply for?
A suggested budget for projects in each topic has been set. Indicative total EC funding of up to 3.3M€ to be spend on Open Calls has been allocated.
I can’t get the forms to upload, what should I do?
If you experience any technical issues during the submission process please contact 
I have contributed to previous GÉANT projects. Can I still apply?
Yes, those who have already carried out work as part of any previous GÉANT projects can participate in this Call.
Is 100% funding for my proposal possible?
No. Funding is on a cost-shared basis. Please consult Section 3 ‘Funding for Participation’ in the Guide for Applicants  for details and subsequently visit
What is the intended duration of the projects?  Do all projects have the same intended duration?
It is expected that projects selected for funding will take place between October 2013 and March 2015. This can be discussed in more detail before work starts.
Am I allowed to use the Open Call budget to buy equipment?  For example test equipment such as protocol analysers or new transmission equipment for testing.
Yes, where appropriate. However proposers will need to demonstrate that the equipment will be used by the planned project, and that any equipment which has a useful life of more than one year, is stand-alone, distinct and moveable.
You should provide details of the equipment to be bought or consumed on the project. A ‘depreciation’ value should be calculated by taking the purchase cost (or net present value at the start of the project, if the equipment is already owned) less its expected residual value at the end of the project. This value is then multiplied by the percentage that the project will be utilising the equipment. This final value represents the eligible cost to the project.
Do I get to keep the intellectual property from my contribution to the work?
Please consult the Consortium Agreement on the main Open Calls webpage for information about how Intellectual Property Rights will be dealt with.