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Call Text

Call Text


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Open Call Themes

The first GN3plus Open Call is structured around two key themes:

Theme 1: seeks RTD users/use cases/projects to make use of existing GÉANT production and experimental network facilities.

1. Photonic Level Access to Long Haul Dark Fibre - use of GEANT’s Dark Fibre Test bed | Technical Annex A
2. Software Defined Networking – use of GEANT’s Open Flow facility | Technical Annex B
3. Novel uses of Dynamic Circuits (Bandwidth on Demand) | Technical Annex C
4. Terabit Transmission Trial | Technical Annex A

Theme 2: seeks partners to carry out self-contained utility packages of work that can be used by the on-going RTD work programmes in GN3plus.

5. Clean Slate Architecture for Future Network Architecture
6. Flexible Optical Network
7. Multi-Domain Optical Modelling Tool
8. Alien Wavelength over GÉANT
9. Network as a Service (NaaS)
10. OGF NSI compliant CTS
11. CDN capabilities for RENs
12. High-Availability Networking
13. Dynamic trust building protocol
14. Authentication mechanism supporting higher Level of Assurance (LoA)
15. Building support for external Attribute Authorities in HE Federations
16. IEEE802.1X and EAP - Standards based approach
17. Scalable ubiquitous access to networks and cloud services

Theme 3: seeks proposals that will demonstrate high levels of innovation and provide the GN3plus project with new and novel research results that can be applied to a multi-domain networking environment.

18. Hardening Network Management, Deterministic behaviour of multi-domain networks; Networking without borders