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Improving people’s health through a combination of better treatment and the introduction of new drugs is an ongoing priority in countries across the world. While advances in medicine and medical techniques have successfully eradicated many diseases, much more remains to be done. 

Advances in medicine are leading to increased specialisms in particular areas, meaning that it is critical that this best practice and knowledge is shared between the developed and developing world. Bringing together researchers and doctors from across the globe to create communities around specific diseases enables faster progress towards the treatment of potentially deadly conditions. These communities are built on collaboration, sharing data across the world and helping apply new techniques where they are needed most.

Providing fast access to specialists can make the difference between life or death, but previously could be difficult because of the distance between a patient’s home and the major hospital that the doctor was based in, particularly in the developing world. The advent of technology such as telemedicine removes the need for travel, enabling diagnoses or second opinions to be delivered through video conferencing and sharing of patient data. This has the potential to dramatically improve healthcare across the globe.

The impact of research and education networks
Healthcare collaboration, whether around specific diseases or for telemedicine, relies on the power of high speed research and education networks. Tools such as high definition video conferencing need the high capacity, guaranteed performance of networks such as GÉANT if they are to enable real time collaboration.
Sharing of information and data on a global scale is at the heart of both research and treatment. Specialist international communities focused on specific diseases span multiple regions, and GÉANT’s global links underpin seamless worldwide transmission of data, enabling doctors and researchers to interconnect with their peers across the world.This enables closer collaboration between the developed and developing world, benefiting everyone by delivering major improvements to health and helping eradicate disease. 

Through high speed networks, doctors can now share patient data and images with colleagues situated many thousands of miles away, allowing remote diagnosis and treatment of particular conditions as well as enabling them to provide vital second opinions. 

Sharing medical advances is at the heart of both saving lives and developing skills and knowledge in countries across the world. Research networks power this collaboration, enabling a global approach to improving the health of us all.

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