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Campus Network Monitoring Workshop: April 24-25 2012, Brno, Czech Republic.

18 April 2012

In collaboration with the Brno University of Technology, the GÉANTCampus Best Practice team and CESNET (the Czech Republic NREN operator)have organised a Campus Network Monitoring Workshop, which will takeplace at Hotel Continental, Brno, Czech Republic on April 24-25 2012.

The theme of the workshop will be “Monitoring as one of basicfundamentals for increasing network stability, reliability and security”where at the two-day workshop participants will discuss commonpractices in monitoring and share their experiences with using differenttools and processes.

The workshop will consist of several sessions dedicated to: generalaspects of campus/LAN monitoring, detection of problematic traffic,monitoring of IPv6, monitoring of multimedia traffic, and experience inreal-world network monitoring.

There will be presenters from SWITCH, RENATER, BELNET, CESNET, AMRES andUNINETT at the workshop, including Peter Haag the man behind the widelydeployed netflow tool nfdump/nfsen and Arne Øslebø from UNINETT whowill be presenting the work completed on Perfsonar NC (Netconf).

The event is open to staff from NRENs, people from universities and allacademic institutions who want to either present or listen to newinformation from this field.

For information on registration, the workshop program, venue, accommodation and travel information:

Further information:
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