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CERN gets first GÉANT 100Gbps link for Christmas

Cambridge, UK | 21 December 2012

CERN’s new Budapest-based datacentre can now process and store vast data from LHC experiments

Since announcing last month that CERN’s new remote data centre in Budapest is set to be one of the first beneficiaries of GÉANT’s new terabit network, the DANTE operations team that is rolling out the new multiple 100Gbps network has pulled out all the stops to complete the migration on this Geneva to Budapest route in advance of the Christmas break.

This means that, going into 2013, the data centre at the Wigner Research Centre for Physics in Hungary, can utilise multiple 100Gbps links to process and store data from CERN for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), which generates around 30 petabytes of data every year and relies on GÉANT for its rapid distribution to centres around the world for analysis.

David Foster, Deputy Head of the CERN IT Department explained the importance of the network, “Having a remote site and operations places a lot of requirements on the networking solutions. Together with GÉANT and NIIF/Hungarnet, as well as our research and education and commercial partners we will be implementing state-of-the-art capabilities to connect CERN and Wigner. The GÉANT network is fundamental to our data transfer needs, and we’re delighted that we will be continuing this successful relationship.”

The Budapest facility will act as an extension to CERN’s existing data centre as well as providing business continuity in case of any issues that could affect on-going service.

What is so special about the migration?
In its migration to the latest transmission and switching technology, GÉANT is an early customer for Infinera’s latest DTN-X optical transmission equipment, ensuring the pan-European network will meet the ever-expanding requirements for higher speed transmission to support more and more data. Imtech will provide the data packet switching platform using Juniper Networks MX Series 3D Universal Routers with 100Gbps capability, Juniper Networks Junos® Space, and JunosphereTM, thereby comprehensively upgrading Europe’s 50,000km GÉANT backbone network.

What about the rest of the network?
The migration is designed to support up to 2Tbps (terabits per second) capacity across the core network, effectively future-proofing Europe’s critical network up until 2020. 500Gbps capacity will be available across the core network from first implementation, delivering circuits across Europe that will allow individual users to transfer data at speeds of up to 100Gbps, or multiples thereof, thereby enabling faster collaboration on critical projects and meeting the rapidly increasing demand for data transfer.

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