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Emerging NSI protocol marks interoperability milestone at SC11

17 November 2011

Protocol aimed at smoothing interoperability for worldwide dynamic circuit provisioning

Following the successful first NSI (Network Services Interface) PlugFest in Rio de Janeiro held in September, and a global provisioning demonstration at the Future Internet Assembly in Poland last month, work towards a global NSI protocol has been progressing rapidly.

This week at SC11, the Supercomputing conference held in Seattle, a further successful demonstration was held, showing a series of global paths being created using NSI, with involvement from a wide range of organisations.

Guy Roberts, Standards Liaison at DANTE – the organization which on behalf of Europe’s NRENs has built and operates the GÉÁNT network – and Chair of the OGF NSI Working Group, said, “We are very happy with the success of these initial tests.  The large number of participants implementing such a new protocol was a surprise and clearly shows the breadth of support for this long awaited standard.  Much work still needs to be done to round out the NSI feature set, but these interop tests turn a corner for NSI – NSI has demonstrated its architecture and presented a functional protocol with which to begin planning and mapping future service offerings, deployment time lines, and applications overlays.”

System Organisation
OpenNSA NORDUnet (Copenhagen, DK)  
DRAC SURFnet (Amsterdam, NL)
AutoBAHN GÉANT (Poznan, PL)
G-LAMBDA-K KDDI Labs (Fujimino, JP)
DynamicKL KISTI (Daejeon, KR)
OSCARS ESnet (Berkeley, US)

About NSI
NSI is a new protocol being developed within the OpenGridForum (OGF), that will ensure the seamless delivery of dynamic circuit provisioning around the world. It will do this by enabling full interoperability between the different technologies behind operators’ services.

With many research and education networks rolling out dynamic service networks, a host of preferred provisioning tools and technologies are employed – including OSCARS, AutoBAHN, G-lambda and openDRAC.

Whereas interoperability currently exists between some operators – for instance dynamic services between GÉANT, Internet2 and ESnet are currently interoperable using the IDCP (Inter Domain Controller Protocol) – NSI seeks to replace that to provide a common global standard supported by the OGF body. To ensure full global interoperability and a seamless user experience, providers of these provisioning technologies and dynamic services are working together to become NSI-compliant.

For more information, see:
Bandwidth-on-Demand (BoD), the GÉANT project’s new multidomain connectivity service: