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Cultural Performance

As part of the GÉANT Launch Event and ASEM (ASIA-Europe Meeting) workshop Gala Dinner, this unique music-dance performance linked dancers from the Arts Exchange in Kuala Lumpur and musicians from The Lost Sounds Orchestra playing in Stockholm, creating a virtual stage to deliver a unique combined performance for both audiences.

Utilising the high-speed 2.5 Gbps link between the pan-European GÉANT and recently expanded Asia-Pacific TEIN3 research networks, the demonstration spanned a distance of over 9,300 km to link dancers and musicians for one seamless performance. The musical score included the sounds of the Epigonion and the Barbiton - two ancient Greek instruments from the first century, whose sounds were lost to us. They have been recreated by the ASTRA project, using the GÉANT network.

The music was written by Dr Domenico Vicinanza, and performed by the Lost Sounds Orchestra. The dance belongs to the Svarnabhumi Studio, choreographed by Zubin Mohamad and performed by dancers from the Arts Exchange in Asia.


If you cannot see the video above you can view the performance by downloading the file and watching it in an external player . Click here to download media file