What the NRENs say?

Here are some comments of those NRENs operating the perfSONAR MDM service.
"The network monitoring in a multidomain environment is becoming increasingly necessary due to the high demand of point to point circuits dedicated to specific projects that involve many partners from different locations. The perfSONAR platform allows a simple way to do it once it is deployed in all domains involved. This, in fact, enables a rapid response to the resolution of problems that previously could involve long response times."
Alberto Escolano Sanchez, Network Engineer, RedIRIS

"perfSONAR MDM will provide us effective and comprehensive access to the monitoring data throughout the GÉANT and NREN domains, and will give us the ability to run on-demand tests across multiple domains without having to make lots of phone calls. Saving precious time will helps us to  detect potential problems, bottlenecks or performance issues even before our users experience their effect, maintaining the quality of the service we give them"
Toby Rodwell, NOC Manager, DANTE

"When dealing with difficult end-to-end communication issues, across multiple domains, the new GN3 perfSONAR MDM service enables the network operator to monitor network performance and highlight any issues. This would allow the NOC an PERT engineers to quickly identify the cause and location of the problem and eliminate the issue with minimal network down time.”
Frederic Loui, Network Manager, RENATER.