User Example

By looking at an example project - neuGRID in this case - we can see how perfSONAR MDM can help NRENs achieve better network performance for those network users with multiple project partners located  in different countries.
Use Case: Bringing Benefits to Medical Research

A team of eminent Neuroscientists based at research institutes in Italy, Sweden, The Netherlands are working together to study degenerative brain diseases. They are analysing images of brain scans from hundreds of different patients, stored and made available thanks to the efforts of the NeuGRID project.

  • The brain scan images the team are studying must be transferred across the network, preserving the very high definition of the images and the precious medical information they contain. This means no data must be lost or disordered during its journey across the network, as can happen if the path becomes congested.
  • perfSONAR can provide verification of the paths used by the researchers, to confirm they are able to actually deliver their advertised bandwidth. It can also analyse the performance of the path to determine the data load it is experiencing and thus determine whether the medical data could be safely transferred along the path without loss or degradation.

NeuGRID’s use of Grid technology to analyse and store the brain scan images means the data is distributed in numerous different locations and many network paths would be involved in transferring the data to the Neuroscientists for their use.

perfSONAR’s scalable technology means the performance of these paths could be monitored simultaneously and displayed in a simple, accessible manner. Placing perfSONAR measurement points in the hospitals where the Neuroscientists are based, and in the data storage locations, would make it possible to monitor the end-to-end paths being used for the data transfer.