Who benefits from perfSONAR MDM?

Target users of this service are primarily members of PERTs and NREN NOCs who support end users of IP connectivity services provided over the GÉANT Service Area and who need to view performance data or perform tests (e.g. for event planning, research or operational needs).

However, the ultimate beneficiary of the service is the end user. By providing the multi-domain monitoring and diagnostics infrastructure, NRENs can help their network performance teams and NOCs more immediately address performance issues for end users.

NRENs that make the MDM monitoring and diagnostics infrastructure available to their network teams ensure they can collaborate with other NRENs’ performance and NOC teams, and more swiftly identify, prevent and solve users’ network issues.

NREN NOCs & PERTs Core Benefits

Immediate access to the complete picture of monitoring data in each NREN’s domain

Accurate, quick and efficient detection of bottlenecks, outages and performance issues where problems span multiple domains.

Assistance in the proactive identification and prevention of problems before service disruption occurs, helping to provide fast, reliable and uninterrupted network communication.

NRENs Core Benefits

Achieve better network performance and customer service for users, especially those with multiple project partners located in different countries.

No more waiting for other NRENs to provide their network monitoring data that affects your users’ experience.

Offer a supported edge-to-edge service to users, which is monitored by the NRENs and their partners.

Network Users
(researchers, scientists, students...)

Core Benefits

Improved overall perception of network performance and customer service.

Quicker solutions to network outages

Fewer disruptions

Fewer performance issues