Visualisation Tools

The perfSONAR MDM solution collects network measurement data across the end-to-end path, and presents the collated information as a complete picture to the user using visualisation tools through a standard user interface. The following are examples of some of the tools.

Circuit Tab visualisation tool for monitoring (based on “HADES”)
  • Each square in the grid shows the status of the IP connections between different NRENs’ network measurement points.
  • The graph shows jitter, packet loss, one-way delay and trace route.
  • Histories can also be interrogated through this screen.


Interface Tab visualisation tool for monitoring

  • The table shows the list of router interfaces across the domains and the graphs show the link utilisation, input errors and packet drops.
  • This screen provides the information that enables NRENs to identify any errors within other domains; information that would not otherwise be available without time-consuming investigations.
  • Issues can be tracked across the entire multi-domain environment.


BWCTL visualisation tool for trouble-shooting

  • Available bandwidth measurements tests can be conducted across multiple domains on demand. NOC and PERT engineers can customise the test they want to run and specify parameters.
  • The result is displayed on a graph and also in tabular form.
  • It supports IPv4 and IPv6, TCP and UDP protocols.