Why use perfSONAR MDM?

The NOC and PERT engineers of participating NRENs can use perfSONAR MDM to view, analyse and diagnose network behaviour across the entire network path. This enables easy and swift identification of problems with network performance which may adversely impact researchers’ voice, video or data communications. Trouble-shooting can be got underway promptly, enabling problems to be addressed and resolved for the network users.

Since perfSONAR is the result of a global collaboration effort and is a shared protocol, GÉANT's perfSONAR MDM is fully interoperable with similar services developed and offered by international partners, facilitating monitoring and trouble-shooting on  a global scale. It is also compatible with single domain monitoring tools that might already be in use by a NOC or PERT.

The service was built following consultation and feedback with the NREN users and the key uses of the service are:

  • To improve multi-domain network performance troubleshooting:
    • problems can be identified, investigated, addressed and resolved as soon as they arise
    • NRENs can run customised trouble-shooting queries across other network domains
  • To facilitate multi-domain network monitoring:
    • analyse and diagnose network behaviour
    • offer tools to enable consistent monitoring and regular network health checks across multiple network domains
    • keep a watch on potential problems which may adversely impact the researchers’ voice, video or data communications

In addition, two further use cases are currently being developed for:

  • Circuit monitoring (dynamically and statically provisioned)
  • Multi-domain performance service quality verification