What is perfSONAR MDM?

perfSONAR MDM (Multi-Domain-Monitoring) is the multi-domain monitoring service for the GÉANT  Service Area (GSA). It enables NREN NOCs and PERTs to collaborate in providing seamless network performance, working together to identify, prevent and solve performance issues for network users.

perfSONAR MDM provides easy, transparent end-to-end monitoring, giving its users - primarily NOC and PERT engineers - access to network measurement data from multiple network domains. Monitoring data is collated from all those domains where the perfSONAR service is deployed, in order to visualise network characteristics, present the information in a standardised format and enable troubleshooting of related issues.

It can operate at local level or around the globe and is scalable to provide at-a-glance information about multiple network paths simultaneously. Compatible with single domain monitoring tools, the service will also be interoperable on a global level with similar services offered by international partners. The strategy is driven from the DICE collaboration.

International perfSONAR collaboration
perfSONAR was produced by an international collaboration between organisations in Europe, North America and Brazil and is being taken up around the globe. It is a protocol, architecture and set of tools which have been developed specifically to address the challenge of monitoring network performance in a multi-domain environment and is the only known system capable of performing this. The collaborating organisations use the perfSONAR concept to develop their own service to their own requirements – perfSONAR MDM is GÉANT ’s such service.

GÉANT is represented in the DICE collaboration by DANTE. The DICE cooperation develops network services that are interoperable between the members’ domains and beyond.

 perfSONAR MDM key features
  • Multi-domain monitoring, diagnostics and trouble shooting service
  • Visualisation of network measurement data across multiple domains
  • Set of functionalities with Support Desk assistance
  • Interoperability with single domain and international monitoring tools
  • Achieving higher network performance for network users  


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perfSONAR stands for Performance Service Oriented Network monitoring Architecture.
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