perfSONAR MDM - Resources  

Marketing materials
Helpful resources that further explain the perfSONAR MDM service and associated tools.

perfSONAR MDM Datasheet
Summary information highlighting the key features of the service.

perfSONAR MDM Product Brief

Further information on the service, its benefits, how it works and the steps required to implement the service.

Manuals, guides and training

perfSONAR guides
Installation guide and description of the perfSONAR components

 perfSONAR User Interface self-paced training
Learn how to get monitoring data and perform troubleshooting across multiple domains with perfSONAR

 perfSONAR MDM Online Overview
A friendly, comprehensive, self-paced introduction to perfSONAR MDM architecture serving GÉANT and the European NRENs


 perfSONAR User Interface download (Java web start required). Get started with perfSONAR!  If needed, download Java web start here

  • Stable version, for general users
    • Access to the perfSONAR Measurement Archives for link utilisation, one way delay, jitter, packet loss and traceroute. This version does not allow on-demand bandwidth tests.
  • Stable versions for NOC/PERT engineers and experimental version for developers
    • Access to the perfSONAR Measurement Archives and to on-demand bandwidth tests will be available soon through the GÉANT Partner Portal 

 perfSONAR MDM software download - New Release (13 Jan 2012)
Download perfSONAR MDM software packages and be part of the monitoring infrastructure

For the latest release notes, older perfSONAR MDM versions and additional details:

Having issues using perfSONAR? Report bugs, request new features and get support from the Multi-Domain Support Desk.  

Technical documentation and resources for the perfSONAR MDM service can be found on the GÉANT Multi Domain Services Knowledgebase.