What is eduPERT

Our Performance U!niversity

eduPERT is part of GÉANT’s commitment to helping network users get the best performance from their connections.
eduPERT is a federated PERT that combines the independent PERTs (the GÉANT PERT and the National, Local and Project PERTs) with a portfolio of central services to aid them in their network investigations.

eduPERT is not limited to NRENs
 Universities, other organisations and international projects are encouraged to join, by setting up “local” or "project" PERTs and becoming part of the eduPERT Knowledge Base.

Organisations that set up and operate a PERT within the eduPERT federation will greatly benefit from being part of the wider community and will be able to:

  • Offer an improved level of service to their users
  • Collaborate with other eduPERT members on trouble-shooting
  • Learn from the experiences of other PERTs through the sharing of investigations via the Knowledge Base

eduPERT makes a number of central services available to the independent PERTs, including registration and accreditation, arranging eduPERT meetings, running the Knowledge Base and maintaining the directory of PERTs in the eduPERT federation.
More than just the network
eduPERT does not just cover the network but also works closer to the end user and the end point, including new technologies such as cloud which increase the complexity of performance understanding and diagnosis. Only by linking your PERT to eduPERT can you benefit from the knowledge of other PERTs in the community to help you and your users get the best out of their systems.
By creating a PERT within your organisation and joining with eduPERT you’ll not only be demonstrating your excellence to your users but also will be able to use the skills and experience of the wider community to offer leading edge support to your community.