Performance U!

Summer Workshop 18th September 2013 Madrid

On the 18th of September the first summer workshop of Performance U! took place in Madrid during the EGI Technical forum. Here is the program: 

The workshop lasted 3 hours and different topics were covered. It is the first time that a performance training has been brought outside GEANT. As part of the eduPERT outreach campaign, the summer workshop represents the bridge between our Community and the end user Communities around us.

The audience found the presentations useful and interesting and clearly expressed their appreciation of finally having a workshop about something that so far has always been presented as a black box to them.

Here are the slides of the presentations:



EGI_TCP Tuning_Domenico_Vicinanza.pdf





Read what the speakers said about it:

"Many users organized at EGI still have in mind the paradigm that performance problem
analyses can be fully separated into troubleshooting network and troubleshooting end
system problems. Some of the users have learnt, this does not work, but others still
need to change their mentality. Our presentations gave a good overview, and showed that
this separation into network and apps does not work. EGI users need own network problem
isolation knowledge. They have the need for hands-on training for learning that.
There is the need for knowledge on performance enhancement on disk-IO performance over
the network. There is a need on how to troubleshoot performance on the LAN/WAN access
area from the end system administrator point of view."

"The eduPERT training hosted in Madrid within the EGI Technical Forum, 
was a wonderful occasion to meet with one of the largest communities using
the GÉANT network. The relaxed and informal atmosphere helped building a constructive
dialogue with the users, answering to their questions, asking feedback and discussing
real situations. The main objective of the training was to raise the awareness that researchers today
are not just passive users of an abstract service but they have the potential of active
ly improve their network experience. They are a live part of the infrastructure and
they can make a difference. For example, we showed how to use simple tools to isolate
 issues and we demonstrated how changing just a couple of parameters on a laptops it
is possible to significantly improve the network performances (for example exchanging
 data up to 10 x faster !)"


"In addition to the detailed presentations that covered main important
parts of network troubleshooting techniques and showing solutions about
how to improve transfer throughput, there was also one part about other
monitoring tools. This presentation demonstrated a few tools that offer
wide functionality in terms of diagnosing parameters and are very easy
in deployment and usage and what’s more, they are available for free.
After all the presentations there was a discussion with the participants
who showed high interested in the presented topics but also confirmed
that network is a important resource at their work but quite often

Annual school 6th-8th March 2013 Zurich

The winter school is one of the events within the eduPERT Performance U! project. This year the winter school was held in Zurich from the 6th to the 8th of March. The first part of the event was dedicated to topics like TCP and investigative tools and the second part was experimental and dedicated to new topics like performance in virtualisation, Infiniband, Sdn and more.

More than 20 people attended the school and there were different invited speakers that contributed to the success of the event.

You can find the agenda with all presentations here:

The slides:
EduPERT Introduction
Tcp performance - Alex Gall
Investigative Tools - Chris Welti
Performance issues overseas - Jason Zurawski
Performance MDM - Domenico Vicinanza
Xen Architecture - Alessandra
Xen Performance bottlenecks - Alessandra
Introduction to sdn - Simon Leinen
Introduction to Infiniband - Hussein
Snabb switch - Luke Gorrie
OpenFlow - Kurt Baumann
MPTCP over SDN - Michael Bredel