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Performance Enhancement and Response Team - eduPERT Specialist performance teams or PERTs help end users get the best from their
eduPERT - Getting the best from the network 
The ever-increasing complexity of applications and data means the performance of networks are becoming ever more critical. Performance Enhancement and Response Teams are at the forefront of technology and are a crucial resource in the community.
Being part of a PERT not only demonstrates your skills and experience but also helps end users get the best from the network and their systems.
eduPERT is a community open to all interested in performance issues. It combines all the independent PERT teams and provides a forum to share knowledge, skills, tools and best practice to provide multi-disciplinary support to solve end-to-end performance issues. Its reach extends towards the end user and the end point and includes new technologies such as: high-speed, diverse traffic profiles, big data, and new end point environments like cloud or data centre.
eduGAIN Updates
Performance U! @ TNC 18th-19th May, Dublin, Ireland
We are happy to announce that our school Performance U! will be at TNC this year! It will be a joint-tech together with ESnet.
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