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Transatlantic Cooperation and Collaboration


GÉANT and ACE – delivering high speed transatlantic infrastructure
America Connects to Europe (ACE) is a collaboration between Indiana University GlobalNOC, DANTE (for GÉANT) plus DFN, GARR, RENATER and JANET, Internet2 and NYSERnet, and is funded by NSF on the US-side and the European Commission and GÉANT on the European side. The remit is to expand transatlantic research network capacity for researchers and students across Europe and the US. The ACE transatlantic network infrastructure now has 40Gbps of general IP and 20Gbps for static or dynamically provisioned point-to-point circuits that can be reserved by users when they need it.

You can find out more about GÉANT and ACE at Indiana University Booth #2239, 2pm on Tuesday 15th, Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th November.
GÉANT in three-way collaboration with ESnet and Internet2
Through strategic and technical collaboration, DANTE (for GÉANT), ESnet and Internet2 have joined forces to develop and deliver an interoperable set of network services to users on their North American and European networks. This collaboration develops and delivers an interoperable dynamically provisioned Bandwidth-on-Demand and network monitoring diagnostic service. ESnet, Internet2 and DANTE (for GÉANT) are working to deliver flexible options to data-intensive network users in Europe and the US. 
GÉANT and Internet2 Demonstration
In a joint demonstration, GÉANT and Internet2 will illustrate Layer 2 transatlantic data traffic flow in support of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) project. Data movement will be shown across transatlantic links as well as participating end sites in the US and Europe. This innovative work provides dedicated network overlays for the particle physics community.

You can find out more about GÉANT and Internet2 at the Internet2 Booth #1327 at 10.30am and Noon on Tuesday 15th and 4.00pm on Wednesday 16th November and GÉANT and ESnet at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Booth #512.
NTT will be demonstrating the movement of a high definition television stream from Osaka in Japan through, JGN-X by NICT, APAN, TEIN3 GÉANT and JANET to the BBC in London, images from London will be added and move the combined video from the BBC to SC11 using Layer 2 circuits through GÉANT and Internet2, and global interoperable Bandwidth-on-Demand.

You can find out more about GÉANT and NTT/NICT at the NICT Booth #4717 on Tuesday 15th, Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th November.
GÉANT, along with several other partners will be on hand to demonstrate current progress on Network Services Interface (NSI), the new protocol being developed within the OpenGridForum (OGF) standards body. NSI will ensure the seamless delivery of dynamic circuit provisioning around the world. It will do this by enabling full interoperability between the different technologies behind operators’ services. PSNC will be demonstrating GÉANT’s AutoBAHN provisioning tool using NSI, along with a host of other R&E networks demonstrating their preferred provisioning tools and technologies. Partner participants include: KDDI (G-Lambda-K) * AIST (G-Lambda-A) * JGN-X (G-Lambda-K) * KISTI/KRLight (DynamicKL) * StartLight (OpenNSA/Argia) * ESnet (OSCARS) * NORDUNET/NorthernLight (OpenNSA) * SURFNET/Netherlight (DRAC) * UvA (DRAC) * CESNET/CzechLight (DRAC) * PIONIER (AutoBAHN) * GÉANT (AutoBAHN).

You can find out more about GÉANT, PSNC and others involved in the NSI demo at the Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry PAS-PSNC Booth #108 on the mornings of Tuesday 15th, Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th November.

GÉANT staff will be available throughout SC11 so come and see us at any of the booths listed.  Or if you prefer, email to arrange an appointment.

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